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The smurl.be project has now reached its second version and now with a powerful API and tracking tools it is one of the most advanced URL web services on the web.


  • Quick URL shortening via the smurl.be website
  • Signup to manage your URLs
  • Secure URLs with a password
  • Powerful API to integrate smurl.be with your applications
  • Set expire dates on shorten URLs
  • Hosted on Host Media' Cloud services
  • Custom short URLs so you can use your own domain as a URL shortener (Subscription Feature)
  • Real time reporting on click throughs
  • New charting engine for reports and click stats
  • Improved abuse report system
  • CDN hosted content for faster loading times
  • Hosted CAPTCHA service

What's Coming...

We have already started looking into features for version 2.3 and below are the main features we are looking to release:

  • Customize your custom short URL landing page if visitor goes directly to your short URL (Subscription Feature)
  • Link campaigns to allow for easier tracking and reporting
  • Setup your own advertising banners in your shorten URLs and start earning