ColdFusion Integration cPanel Plugin

CFManager cPanel ColdFusion Plugin


The CFManager is a cPanel plugin that allows Host Media customers to manage their Adobe ColdFusion datasource names without requesting them to be managed by an administrator. Based on the external applications first built by us many years ago the cPanel plugin provides a faster way for customers to manage their ColdFusion services.


  • Quickly manage ColdFusion datasources
  • Reseller customers can manage their own ColdFusion datasources
  • WHM feature manager integrated for resellers to enable/disable the service for their customers

What's Coming...

We have already started looking into features for version 1.1 and below are the main features we are looking to release:

  • Verify function to allow users to test their datasources straight away from within the plugin
  • Management for custom ColdFusion mappings
  • Import/export tool for server migration support when moving between servers